You always hear business owners talking about making money in their sleep but they rarely tell us how they do it. Well I’m here to let the secret out! Email & SMS Marketing is the way! Building customer relationships is necessary for your business’ success. Your customers’ will get to know your business through automated flows and you’ll never have to lift a finger. This will in turn help to build a relationship between you and your customers.

Let's Try It Out

1 Automation
Includes 3 automated emails in 1 flow. Start developing a genuine relationship with your customers through email marketing. Introduce your brand and mission, introduce and/or demonstrate products and services or even provide a special offer.

*$50 SMS marketing flow add-on

Bossin' Up

3 Automations
Includes up to 7 automated emails in 3 different flows. Build a relationship with your customers that last, follow up after purchases to increase your reviews, remind your customers of abandoned carts and/or encourage them to check out new products/offers.

*$50 SMS marketing flow add-on


Big Boss

5 Automations
Includes up to 10 automated emails in 5 different flows and 1 SMS flow without looking like spam to your customers! Help them to put complete trust in your business, stay up to date with new products and offers and show them just how important they are to you.

More About Email & SMS Flows

Welcome Email Flow

With an increase in traffic to your website, also comes the opportunity to grow your subscriber base. The welcome series is the perfect automation to welcome your new subscribers to your brand. 

This is your opportunity to highlight all the aspects that make your brand unique, share your social media channels, and collect customer preferences to better understand how your subscribers would like to hear from you. You get one shot at making a great first impression, and the welcome series is the perfect canvas to let your brand shine through.

Thank You Email Flow

Who doesn’t love a nice thank you? The thank you flow, which goes out automatically after a shopper completes their purchase, allows you to foster brand loyalty by expressing your gratitude to your customers for their business. 

A small thank you can go a long way, especially during a year when the deals are endless and online competition is heightened. The customer chose your products and services. Make them feel special with a personalized thank you. Only 1 email will be sent to the customer, although it is a 2 email setup; 1 is for New Customers and the other for Returning Customers.

Abandoned Cart Flow

Say your customer gets so far as to add the item to their shopping cart, but then they get called away because the baby’s crying or dinner is ready. Fear not! The abandoned cart automation can help. 

It can become difficult for customers to remember every item they’ve added to their cart with an intent to buy before something distracted them. The abandoned cart email acts as a reminder to your customers of the items they’ve left sitting in their shopping cart. 

Additionally, the abandoned cart automation populates with dynamic content, such as an image of the specific product they added, so each shopper’s card is unique to them and their items.

Product Review Flow

You’ve told your customers how important they are to you—now let’s see if you can get a little love from them. This next automation will help you identify your brand ambassadors. 

The product review automation is your chance to hear from your customers about their experiences with your product. After a customer receives an order it will trigger the product review series..

When buying online, customers don’t have the luxury to feel and test the products in person, so reviews are more important than ever. It’s one thing for a brand to highlight how their products or services are exceptional, it’s another to have others echoing a similar style sentiment. 

Browser Abandonment Flow

Part of the fun of the holiday season is window shopping and walking past storefronts that are decorated with festive colors and themes. Why not translate a similar experience through email? 

You can do this with this automation. Your subscribers can receive emails based on the items they’re looking at on your website, and you can control how often this message triggers and which audiences you want to receive this messaging. 

Birthday Email

It’s always better to show than to tell so show your customers they matter to you with a simple gesture on their special day. Something as simple as offering 10% or $5 off with a Happy Birthday goes a long way!

Back-in-Stock Email

The customer has done their research and chosen to do business with your company out of all the many other companies they should have chosen so they should not have to play the guessing game with your website. This back-in-stock automation will take the guess work out of it and keep your customers engaged and in anticipation.

SMS (text) Automation

We offer one SMS (text) flow after purchase to help build brand loyalty and customer relationship. An automated text will send a text thanking the customer and welcoming them to company. The second text can be set back for as many days as shipping should take and ask for a review with a direct link to leave a review. Customers are more likely to leave a review after receiving a text.

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