Meet Our Team

Conquella Essex

Ms. Conquella Essex is the founder of Essex Consulting LLC; which specializes in Business Consulting and professional writing. Conquella obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Human Services from Brenau University. She is currently working on obtaining her PhD in Business Psychology.

Conquella has helped several businesses through Essex Consulting and now she’s here to help you learn how to write a business plan. 


danekia Taylor

Danekia Taylor is the founder of the Danekia Taylor brand. As a former corporate America employee, Danekia has a ton of experience within the financial and fraud industry, public speaking, career and educational development. The opportunity of true entrepreneurship within the network marketing industry allowed her to walk away from her job within 6 months and she is now a six-figure earner in less than 2 years. Danekia has been able to leverage social media and incorporate all of her skills and education to build a successful brand online.


Terrace Sherman

Terrace Sherman is the founder of Couture, Inc., a growing corporation, specializing in marketing, events, eCommerce and beauty. Terrace received her Bachelor of Arts from The Michigan State University and she is a certified Social Marketing Professional. Her studies have extended to Paris, France and Brussels, and Belgium where she was trained in organizational and international communication and public affairs methods.

Terrace has over 7 years in the marketing and event industry, working with organizations such as The Aitch Foundation, The Big Ten Network, The University of Notre Dame, Heraeus Kulzer, Atlanta International Fashion Week and Texas Instruments.


SHeila little

Ms. Shiela Little is a motivated professional with the ability to lead, organize, and transform individuals in their personal, professional, and business life.

Standing boldly in her archetypes: Creator, Lover, and Alchemist, Ms. Little, CEO of Shaping Solutions (the first of four businesses she built to assist disadvantaged populations with “leading from the inside”) has been able to develop and implement a High Performance Model that efficiently assess and strategically provides the necessary tools and resources for individuals and businesses to become well-functioning and self-sufficient.

Shiela is a Master’s Social Worker currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Business Psychology, with a concentration on Business Consulting and Industrial/Organizational Psychology.  


Courtney saunders

Passionate Woman, also known as Courtney Saunders is a Lifestyle – Inspirational Blogger, former Regional Director of Atlanta/Orlando Black Bloggers United, and Human Resources Professional with 22squared Advertising Agency. Courtney serves as a Self-Love Advocate, Aspiring Motivational Speaker, Youth Advocate and Business Professional.

Courtney lives by the sayings, “To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing and be nothing” and “If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.”

Therefore, she has made the vow to stand for something by being a voice for the voiceless and a motivator for the discourages. More importantly, she has made the vow to stand for God by being a fighter for those that are spiritually “weak” or lost by sharing her story of consistently making the choice to OVERCOME.


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